Pro Bono Opportunity – Wayfind Microenterprise Clinic and Nonprofit Law Clinic, Due 10/20

Assist pro bono transactional lawyers at either microenterprise clinics or nonprofit legal clinics by taking client interview notes and drafting the client “work plan” which summarizes the legal advice given by the attorney. 

Position: Wayfind Law Student Volunteer
Open to: All Law Students
Time Commitment: Must commit to volunteering for a minimum of three 3-hour clinics during the academic year
Locations: Clinics locations include: Ventures (formerly Washington CASH) at 2100 24th Ave South in Seattle (off of Rainier Avenue), Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship at 220 2nd Ave S in Pioneer Square, Edmonds Community College, and the Nonprofit Assistance Center, 1265 S. Main Street in Seattle (near Jackson and 14th)

Training:  Law student volunteers must have attended the 2014 or will attend the 2015 Pro Bono Core Competencies Training (including professionalism) on Saturday, October 17, 8:30am-3:30pm in room 138 at UW Law.   If you apply to volunteer at the Microenterprise Clinics, you must attend the Microenterprise 101 training on October 1st – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, or watch the Microenterprise 101 CLE training video. If you apply to volunteer at the Nonprofit Legal Clinic, you must watch the video of the Wayfind Nuts and Bolts of Nonprofit Law CLE training video. You can volunteer for both the Microenterprise and Nonprofit Legal clinics.
Application Process:  Email a resume and cover letter addressed to Jodi Nishioka, Wayfind Executive Director, to the contact below.
Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 20, 2015.
Contact:  Aline Carton-Listfjeld, Director of Center for Public Service Law at
Wayfind provides free business legal services for nonprofit organizations and low-income microentrepreneurs.  Wayfind pro bono attorneys assist non-profit organizations with a range of legal matters including real estate, tax, non-profit governance, and intellectual property.  Wayfind pro bono attorneys also help low-income microentrepreneurs at legal clinics on legal matters including review of contracts, operating agreements and leases, business entity selection, intellectual property matters including publishing and trade name, and adding people to a partnership.

Wayfind hosts different types of legal clinics for its two client populations: non-profit organizations and microentrepreneurs.

Microenterprise Clinics:
Wayfind partners with three different non-profit organizations and the City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development, that support low-income microentrepreneurs.  They are Ventures (formerly Washington CASH), Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (formerly Start Zone NW at Bainbridge Graduate Institute) and Mercy Corps NW.  All Wayfind Microenterprise Clinic clients are clients of our partner organizations, who handle the initial client screening. Wayfind pro bono transactional lawyers meet with low-income microentrepreneurs to issue-spot and counsel them on legal issues and responsibilities with respect to their business venture.

These clinics meet at the following locations and dates/times:

  • Ventures Clinic is located at 2100 24th Ave South in Seattle (off of Rainier Avenue near the 1-90 overpass) and takes place from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  The first fall clinic for students is October 13th.
  • Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship offers its clinics in rotating locations which include the Impact HUB at 220 2nd Ave South in Pioneer Square and Edmonds Community College. The clinics are offered on the 4th Tuesday of a quarter from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.  The specific dates are: January 26, 2016 at the Impact HUB and on April 26, 2016 at Edmonds Community College.
  • City of Seattle and Mercy Corps NW clients go to any of the locations listed above.

Non-Profit Assistance Legal Clinic:
Wayfind partners with the Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC) which assists nonprofit organizations through capacity-building programs.  Nonprofit organizations are screened by NAC staff and volunteers.  The clinic meets on the 3rd Monday of every month from March through December between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.  The clinics take place at the Nonprofit Assistance Center which is located at 1265 S. Main Street which is located within blocks from the law school.

Volunteer Law Student Role:
Wayfind Law Student volunteers serve as legal clinic assistants.  They assist the lawyers at the clinics by taking interview notes and drafting the client “work plan” which summarizes the legal advice given by the attorney.  This plan is reviewed by the attorney and given to the client.

This volunteer opportunity is a great way to learn about legal issues facing nonprofit organizations and microentrepreneurs, work with a diverse population, learn about transactional practice, and network with pro bono attorneys.

Students can apply to volunteer at either or both of the different types of legal clinics – microenterprise and/or nonprofit.  Students must make a commitment to going to three different clinics throughout the academic year.  If a student is going to volunteer at both types of clinics, he/he must complete at least the ATJI Pro Bono Prep, Microenterprise 101 CLE on October 1st and watch the Nuts and Bolts of Nonprofit Law CLE and Fast & Easy 501c3 Tax-Exemption: The New Form 1023EZ CLE videos.

UW Law Celebrates the Success of Saturday’s Pro Bono & Leadership Training

Celebrating Pro Bono at UW Law- Annual Pro Bono & Leadership Training Day is a Success!

By: Aline Carton-Listfjeld, Assistant Director, Center for Public Service Law

CPSL Logo This past Saturday, October 11 from 8:30am-5:30pm Gates Hall was filled with over 100 students committed to fulfilling the promise of equal justice by attending our Pro Bono Core Competencies Training and Advanced Pro Bono Legal Assistance and Leadership Development Fundamentals Workshops! Training topics ranged from professionalism, addressing and managing bias, working with clients in poverty and crisis, secondary trauma, leadership theory, event planning, accountability, developing organizational mission, vision and core values and more!

These trainings and workshops are a joint initiative of the Center for Public Service Law and student leaders from the Immigrant Families Advocacy Project (IFAP), Center for Human Rights & Justice’s App Help Project (CHRJ’s App Help), Street Youth Law Advocates of Washington at UW (SYLAW), Environmental Law Society (ELS) and the Prison & Family Justice Project (formerly IMAP).

A special thanks goes to the following faculty who co-led trainings with student leaders including: Dean Michele Storms, Dean Mary Hotchkiss, Professor Kim Ambrose, Professor Lisa Kelly, Professor Tom Andrews, and Professor Angelica Chazaro. In addition, this training would not be possible without the participation of student leaders of pro bono projects most notably Melody Young, Erin Apte, Alex Revelas, Crys O’Grady, Claire Sullivan, Michael Gerbec, Michael Huggins and Katherine Chung. Another thanks goes to Thomas O’Ban who helped staff the registration table in the morning.

Another big thank you goes to our dedicated program assistant, Ann Spangler, who works behind the scenes graciously juggling multiple projects making our success possible.

Attention Pro Bono Students: Please Evaluate the Pro Bono Core Competencies Training!


Pro Bono students, thank you for your interest in pro bono service and for attending our recent Pro Bono Core Competencies training.

Please help us continually improve this annual training. Kindly take a couple of minutes to  complete this brief survey:

We really value your feedback.

Event Tomorrow – Human Rights in Global Garment Factories: Meet Garment Workers Who Sew UW Clothes

Solidarity USAS

Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 6 PM
Savery 264, UW Campus Quad
*free & open to the public*

Meet workers who sew Husky apparel! Hear how UW can support dignified working conditions and human rights in the global garment industry! The Alta Gracia Factory, located in the Dominican Republic Free Trade Zone, is the first college logo t-shirt project to pay its workers a living wage, respect their democratic voice on the job, and provide a safe and healthy work environment as regularly verified by the Worker Rights Consortium. The result of decades of collaboration between college students and garment workers worldwide, Alta Gracia offers a stark contrast to the often exploitative conditions in garment factories and is transforming the lives of workers, the community of Villa Altagracia, and the wider apparel industry.

WITH SUPPORT FROM: Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, UW Honors Program, UW United Students Against Sweatshops, Washington Fair Trade Coalition

CONTACT: UW United Students Against Sweatshops,, Solidarity Ignite,

Critical Language Scholarship Fellowship – Applications Now Open

CLS Scholarship Program

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce the opening of the scholarship competition for the 2015 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program in thirteen critical foreign languages.

The CLS Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is a fully-funded overseas language program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and to build relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides study opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning.

The thirteen CLS languages are: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu.

The application is now live and available online here

Applications will be due November 12, 2014 by 8:00 pm EST.

New Advisory Opinion and Country Visit by the Inter-American Human Rights Bodies Clarify the Rights of Migrant Children

By: International Justice Resource Center

IACHR Border Visit

Last month, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights released an Advisory Opinion defining the scope of States’ obligations to protect the rights of migrant children and families. See I/A Court H.R., Rights and Guarantees of Children in the Context of Migration and/or in Need of International Protection, Advisory Opinion OC-21/14, 19 August 2014. State Parties to the American Convention on Human Rights and the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man must take this Advisory Opinion into consideration when “designing, adopting, implementing, and applying their immigration policies.” See para. 50. Relatedly, from September 29 to October 2, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights conducted a country visit to the United States, examining the treatment of unaccompanied migrant children who had crossed the southern border into the United States. [IACHR Press Release] The Inter-American bodies’ focus on migrants’ rights comes at a point in time when the United States and Mexico, in particular, are facing scrutiny for their treatment of undocumented migrants – including an influx of children – from Central America.

Continue reading here. Photo credit: Daniel Cima

Volunteer Opportunity with Wayfind – Volunteer Microenterprise Clinic, Applications Due 10/17

wayfind logo

Wayfind connects nonprofit organizations and low-income microenterprise entrepreneurs in Washington State with transactional lawyers who will assist them, pro bono, on business legal matters. Wayfind hosts two microenterprise legal clinics, in partnership with Washington CASH and Start Zone NW, two nonprofit organizations that provide support to low-income microenterprise entrepreneurs. Wayfind pro bono transactional lawyers meet with low-income microenterprise entrepreneurs to issue-spot and counsel them on legal issues and responsibilities with respect to their microenterprise business venture.

The types of legal issue that clients typically present include: review of contracts operating agreements and leases, business entity selection, intellectual property including publishing and trade name, and adding people to a partnership.

Law student volunteer clinic assistants are needed to assist the lawyers at the microenterprise clinic by taking interview notes and drafting the client “work plan” which summarizes the legal advice given by the attorney. The WA CASH clinic takes place from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of every month; and the Start Zone NW clinic takes place from 5:00 to 7:30 quarterly (December 2nd and March 3rd). This opportunity is open to all law students.

  • Time Commitment: Must commit to volunteering at least one 3-hour clinic
  • Location: Clinics held at Washington CASH in Seattle and Start Zone NW at Edmonds Community College
  • Training: Must participate in the UW Law’s Pro Bono Core Competencies training on Saturday, October 11, 8:30am- 3:00pm and watch a video of the 10/2/12 Microenterprise 101 training.
  • Application Process: Email a resume and cover letter addressed to Jodi Nishioka, Wayfind Executive Director to the contact below.
  • Application Deadline: Friday, October 17, 2014
  • Contact: Aline Carton-Listfjeld, Center for Public Service Law