Pro Bono Opportunities

What is “pro bono?”

The term is derived from Latin, “Pro Bono Publico,” meaning “for the public good.” 1  Under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyers “should aspire to render at least (50) hours of pro bono publico legal services per year,” with an emphasis on services to people of limited means or nonprofit organizations that serve the poor.2  Pro bono in the law school setting is similar with some important distinctions.  Students are encouraged to provide pro bono legal services, but only under the supervision of a practicing lawyer.  Students may not receive compensation – neither income nor academic credit – for doing pro bono work.

Service Opportunities

If you are interested in law-related pro bono opportunities, check out the opportunities below or under the drop down menu above.  The following includes a list of pre-approved law-related pro bono opportunities that satisfy the requirements of the UW Pro Bono Honors Society.

Interested in another law-related pro bono opportunity not listed below? Please contact Huy Nguyen to confirm that your opportunity satisfies our program requirements.


See American Bar Association Center for Pro Bono, Everything You Wanted to Know About Law School Pro Bono But Were Afraid to Ask… (February 2010).

2 American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility, Model Rules of Professional Conduct 6.1.

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