Pro Bono Honors Society

2014 PB Leadership Training Collage

Photo courtesy of Melody Young. October 2014 Pro Bono Core Competency & Leadership Development Trainings

About the Pro Bono Honors Society

Fulfilling the promise of equal justice through public service.

At UW Law, we believe that members of the legal community have an obligation to help reduce barriers to access to justice. Providing high quality pro bono legal services to low-income clients and other under-represented groups is paramount. To this end, the UW Law School’s Pro Bono Program and Honors Society recognizes members of our law school community (students, faculty and staff) who commit to  providing high quality pro bono legal assistance and community service. We encourage law students to provide at least 70 hours of law-related pro bono assistance by graduation (30 hours for LLM, MJ, LLLT and PhD students). By providing training, support, resources, opportunities and leadership development to our students, the program ensures that future lawyers are prepared and ready to fulfill the promise of equal justice.

2017 Student Pro Bono Honors Society Deadline: Closed

Click the links below for more information:


First-Time Student Participants

Returning Student Participants

Questions? Please contact Huy C. Nguyen at

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