Legal Voice publishes handbook on legal rights of senior citizens

Chiquita Banana international human rights case to be heard in U.S. court

chiquitaHuman Rights Claims against Chiquita for Funding Columbian Paramilitaries Will Proceed in U.S. Court” published Nov. 30, 2016 by EarthRights International, written by (press release contact Gillian Wilson) and photo courtesy of EarthRights International.

“After almost a decade of litigation, victims of Colombian paramilitary death squads funded by Chiquita are moving forward in a federal lawsuit against the banana giant. Yesterday, Florida federal judge Kenneth Marra rejected Chiquita’s argument that the case should be heard in Colombia rather than the United States, clearing the way for the historic case to advance toward trial.” Read the full article here.

Legal Voice publishes handbook on legal rights of Washington senior citizens

Legal Voice LogoTen years ago, as people in the Baby Boomer generation began to retire, Legal Voice identified two different groups of women who were heading for a crisis: senior women, who tend to live longer than men but are left vulnerable by their limited earning power over the entire course or their lives, and women in the “Sandwich Generation” who care for their elderly parents, usually without adequate information or support, while simultaneously parenting their own children.

Legal Voice’s quick-reference handbook, the first of its kind in the state, details the legal issues facing Washington seniors and provides resources to help them – and those who care form them – protect their health, their economic security, and their wishes. Get the handbook and read more here.