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Stress in America

americanpsychoassSince 2007, the American Psychological Association has commissioned an annual nationwide survey as part of its Mind/Body Health campaign to examine the state of stress across the country and understand its impact. The Stress in America™ survey measures attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public and identifies leading sources of stress, common behaviors used to manage stress and the impact of stress on our lives. The results of the survey draw attention to the serious physical and emotional implications of stress and the inextricable link between the mind and body.

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It’s your voice that’s missing. VOTE in the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaal7aaaajdhhyteyndnilwu4zmytngyxzi1ioguxltyznme5ymvhmduznqWhat would happen if 15,000 people joined forces to tell the world’s judges that human rights matter?

This is our challenge. Last year, more than 12,000 people from around the world voted in the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards. This year, we want to smash that record – and show judges that we will not tolerate decisions that perpetuate sexism.

You need to vote to make this possible.

Do you think one of the cases this year is great? Give a Gavel Award to the amazing judicial decisions that promote sexual and reproductive rights, or help put an end to discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

Does one of the cases make you really angry? Use the Bludgeon Award to call out decisions that failed to give justice to victims of gender violence or allowed employers to get away with blatant discrimination.

Voting is quick and easy:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Choose your favorite.
  3. Hit “Vote” and enter the captcha code. Your vote will be registered.
  4. Tell the world you voted on social media!

And remember that you can vote every day for your favorite cases!

Want to learn more about the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards? Then watch our video on how to vote here.

Vote and share – and help us break our record!

Success in school starts at home by Katara Jordan, Columbia Legal Services and UW Law Alum

kkddodm6Anyone can be an advocate. As an attorney who works with families and students experiencing homelessness, I am fortunate to partner with advocates from every possible professional background and walk of life, each dedicated to ensuring homeless children and families have access to safe, stable housing, with as little educational disruption as possible.

Two years ago I received a phone call from one of these advocates who described herself as:

  • a former Microsoft employee,
  • a domestic violence survivor,
  • a mom of three.

After two years of rotating between friends’ houses, shelters and motels; trying to find a job, and a stable place to stay so that her three daughters (ages, 3, 5 and 13) could stay in their own school district, Ada Andersen was exhausted.

Ada was desperate to maintain the consistency and familiarity that school provided for her daughters – a place of normalcy in childhoods turned upside down. On that day two years ago, what brought us together was Ada’s concern that her children’s school district would not transport one of her daughter’s between school and child care. Without transportation, Ada faced a decision between continuing her search for jobs and housing or losing her child care support.

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Center for Human Rights & Justice until May 13.

taupc7ah_400x400Your donation will fund a student’s unpaid summer human rights internship. Stop by the table and make a difference! To donate online, click here.

First 40 students to donate $100+ will enjoy dinner and drinks with faculty students. Hosted by Professor Elizabeth Porter on Saturday, May 14th at 6:00pm.