Interested in Doing Pro Bono Work This Year? Join the UW Pro Bono Honors Society

UW Pro Bono Program


Interested in volunteering, but don’t know where to begin?  Check out the list of volunteer opportunities below:

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Pre-approved law related
  • Create your own
  • Attend the pro bono & externship fair

What the Pro Bono Program offers you:

  • Leadership development support
  • Trainings
    • This Saturday, 10/11 trainings:
      • 8:30 registration and light breakfast
      • Pro Bono Core Competencies training 9am-3pm room 127 (IFAP training 3-5:30)
      • Advanced Pro Bono Legal Assistance Training 9am-12pm room 117
      • Leadership Development Fundamentals Workshop 1-5:30pm room 117
  • Next Tuesday 10/14 Pro Bono & Externship Fair, 12:30-1:20pm in the Galleria- this replaces the SJT

UW Pro Bono Honors Society

Step 1: Training- this Saturday, October 11

  • First timers (1Ls, LLMs, some 2Ls): Attend Pro Bono Core Competencies Training, 8:30-3,  room 127
  • 2Ls & 3Ls:
    • Attend Advanced Legal Assistance Training, 8:30-12pm, room 117
    • Leadership Development Fundamental’s Training (optional), 1-5:30pm, room 117

Step 2: Reflect & Report online (stay tuned for updates)

    • Keep track of your hours- which orgs & type of work
    • Every April Report Pro Bono Hours
      • pre-approved volunteer opportunities
        • Report 10 hours for 1Ls
        • 30 hours for 2Ls, 3Ls, LLMs & PhDs
      • Reflective Essay
        • First timers: together when reporting hours, upload reflective essay on pro bono experiences

Step 3: Get Recognized

      • One award goes to a 1L, 2L, LLM, and 3L Pro Bono Student of the Year Award
      • Special notation at graduation as member of Pro Bono Honors Society if reported the following pro bono hours
        • 70 for JD grads
        • 30 for LLMs and PhD grads


Contact Aline Carton-Listfjeld