EarthJustice in Bozeman Seeks Interns from UW Law, Corporate Accountability, Immigration and Human Rights Opportunities

EarthJustice in Bozeman, MT Seeks Summer 2014 Interns from UW Law

EarthJusticeUW Law graduate is seeking UW law students to apply for a summer internship at the Northern Rockies office of EarthJustice.

EarthJustice’s work is currently divided into three major areas:

  • Protecting Our Natural Heritage focuses on cases that protect endangered species, national forests, national parks, other public lands, water resources, and the oceans.
  • Safeguarding Our Health focuses on cases that protect public health, in particular by ensuring clean air and water, and reducing exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Promoting a Clean Energy Future focuses on cases that encourage clean energy and energy efficiency while challenging the reliance on coal, oil and other dirty fuels.

Summer law clerks will have the opportunity to work with attorneys on case development and litigation. Under the supervision of an attorney, a law clerk’s primary responsibilities are to perform legal and factual research, and to develop case strategy and legal theories. Law clerks may also have the opportunity to assist attorneys with preparing briefs and motions, to meet with clients and experts, and to attend court proceedings and conferences with opposing counsel. In addition to involvement in ongoing litigation, the summer program includes seminars with attorneys from across the organization on current environmental issues.

They offer a stipend, but strongly encourage candidates to obtain outside funding. The internship posting and application instructions are available here. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but no later than December 2.

Centro Legal de la Raza in Oakland Seeks Immigration Attorney 

CentroLegalCentro Legal de la Raza (Centro Legal) seeks an immigration attorney to provide direct representation to clients in family-based immigration, citizenship, U visas, DACA and removal defense.

Founded in 1969, Centro Legal is a comprehensive legal services agency providing free, bilingual, and culturally sensitive legal representation, education, and advocacy. The mission of Centro Legal is to protect and expand the rights of low-income people, particularly monolingual Spanish-speaking immigrants throughout the East Bay region of Northern California.

This position provides the opportunity to work in a dynamic grassroots community law center and within a larger community of supporters, allies, and leaders working together to advance social justice.

Don’t delay! Applications accepted on a rolling basis. For complete job description and application instuctions please click here.

Reprieve in the UK Seeks Applications for Corporate Social Responsibility Advocate Position

ReprieveReprieve promotes the rule of law around the world, and secures each person’s right to a fair trial. Reprieve prioritises the cases of prisoners accused of the most extreme crimes, such as acts of murder or terrorism, as it is in such cases that human rights are most likely to be jettisoned or eroded. Reprieve focuses on cases involving the world’s most powerful governments, especially those that should be upholding the highest standards when it comes to fair trials.

The ‘war on terror’ has not been waged entirely by nation-states. Often, those states have contracted with private entities to do their work, at times with disastrous consequences for human rights. Contract interrogators were among those most infamous for abuses of prisoners at Guantánamo. Private jets, hired to carry out extraordinary renditions, flew kidnapped prisoners around the world to be tortured. Today, the massively-expanding fleet of drones used to wage undeclared wars in undeclared places is not just run by the CIA and JSOC – it is also big business for many. Food products and drugs designed to promote health are forcibly administered to detainees on hunger strike at Guantánamo.

Fortunately, big business is not immune to pressure, and Reprieve’s CSR workserves to identify and exploit these pressure points in order to achieve positive change. The CSR Advocate’s task at Reprieve is twofold: a) to identify advocacy and future litigation opportunities arising from corporate involvement in the ‘war on terror’ and b) to lead the advocacy around the corporate issues s/he identifies, with the support of the rest of Reprieve’s team.

The Advocate will investigate companies profiting from abuses associated with the ‘war on terror’.  S/he will seek to persuade those companies of the damage their actions can entail, work with them to mitigate the human rights violations carried out and prevent further such abuses occurring.

More widely, the Advocate should be looking to shape the standards observed by businesses in the sector s/he is engaging, and use corporate accountability to promote Reprieve’s broader aims.  S/he will build on allegiances already established with journalists, other campaigners and parliamentarians (both in the UK and abroad) and will seek to develop new relationships on an ongoing basis to support Reprieve’s work.

For complete job description and application instruction click here. Applications accepted through October 6. Don’t delay.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in UK Seeks Winter Interns


Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has recently launched recruitment for winter internships based at their London headquarters:

  • Legal Research Intern to start in January/February 2014

About half the intern’s time will be spent developing our Corporate Legal Accountability Portal, the leading global information hub about human rights lawsuits against companies. The intern will research lawsuits and draft brief profiles in non-legal language explaining what the lawsuit is about, and what procedural stage it has reached. The intern will also search for ommentaries and official documents relating to each lawsuit, keep the profiles updated, and help inform legal advocates and others about the portal. The intern will also help develop contact lists and
disseminate our corporate accountability materials to legal contacts.

The full job description and application form can be found here. Applications due no later than October 17.

Attention 3Ls! Applications now Accepted for Winter “Internship” at the International Justice Resource Center


The International Justice Resource Center (IJRC) in San Francisco welcomes applications for a law fellow opening, beginning in January 2014. Fellows will work closely with IJRC’s Executive Director in developing and implementing projects in IJRC’s three service areas: international human rights legal research and practice tools, litigation and advocacy support, and trainings.

The law fellow position may be full- or part-time, but will require at least 20 hours per week in IJRC’s San Francisco office. Candidates must be able to commit to a fellowship of at least 10 weeks.

The International Justice Resource Center empowers others – from experienced human rights attorneys to community activists and individual victims – to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to promote and demand protection of human rights using international law and supranational human rights mechanisms. This position will provide a rewarding opportunity to engage with substantive areas of international law, work with human rights advocates, and directly contribute to the success of IJRC’s efforts to increase access to justice for victims of human rights abuses around the world. To learn more about our mission and programs, please visit

Specific duties will depend on current projects and the fellow’s particular interests, but will generally include:

• Legal research and writing for published manuals and analysis, and in response to advocates’ requests for amicus curiae briefs and other forms of advocacy and litigation support.

• Liaising with other human rights organizations to familiarize them with IJRC’s services and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Fellows will likely also have opportunities to participate in developing and implementing training programs, and in identifying additional opportunities for IJRC to provide support to advocates or litigants (e.g., drafting amicus briefs or developing international legal strategies in ongoing litigation).

For complete job description and application instructions please click here. Applications accepted through October 15.