UW Law End-of-Year Celebration & Lunch, Sandy Relief Pro Bono Opportunities, New Human Rights Clinic & Tips on Skype Interviews

Law School End-of-Year Celebratory Lunch & Awards Ceremony

UWLawJoin Dean Testy for an ALL SCHOOL end-of-year celebratory lunch & program honoring student, staff and faculty awards achieved this year.

Awards presented at the program include the Dean’s Medals, SCALE Awards, Faculty Service Awards, Pro Bono Honors Awards, Olympia Quarter Fellows, SBA Awards, and more! 

Tuesday, May 14

Program: 12:30 – 1:20 p.m.

Gates Hall Terrace (weather permitting)

Lunch will be available before/after the program and include

  • Famous Dave’s BBQ (with vegetarian options)
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Giveaways!

Hope to see you then to celebrate our success!

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Summer Pro Bono Opportunities for Law Students

TAG_Hurricane_Sandy_Spirit_NYNew Pro Bono Program at Touro Law Center on Long Island, New York

TLC currently developing pro bono placements for students from around the country who wish to participate in the urgent work of our ongoing hurricane relief efforts.

As a consequence of Hurricane Sandy last October, Long Islanders have been besieged by numerous legal problems: environmental, zoning and permit issues, FEMA appeals, insurance appeals, foreclosure matters, contractor fraud, consumer complaints, landlord tenant problems, unemployment and homelessness, just to name a few.

Starting this summer and going through the fall we are sponsoring a “boots on the ground” effort to survey the legal needs of hurricane survivors across Long Island.  In a two pronged approach we will be placing law students in community centers as well as having students going door to door, to try to learn how well government and other agencies have been able to meet the legal needs of individuals and families in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  In addition to gaining an understanding of how legal services have been provided to date, the survey will seek out those who, whether because of age, disability or for other reasons are unable or afraid to access the help they may need.

While this is an enormous undertaking, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for students to see, in a very dramatic way, the importance of providing access to legal services for all segments of society.

For students who wish to be admitted in New York, a summer’s worth of pro bono would meet the 50 hour rule of the Office of Court Administration for admission to the bar.  For more info email Deidre Byrne.

Want a Hands-On Course in International Human Rights? Apply for the UW Law Human Rights Clinic/Practice Seminar

Eleanor_Roosevelt_and_Human_Rights_DeclarationHuman Rights Clinical/Practice Opportunity for 2013-2014

2 Credits Winter/2 Credits Spring

Professors Ramasastry and Rosenbaum

Note:  Students must enroll in Human rights Advocacy in the Autumn Quarter, unless excused by one of the professors, for good cause.

Description: The course will provide students with hands on experience in addressing problems in international human rights.   Students will engage in research and potential case work focused on human rights projects in fields relating to business and human rights, on topics such as information technology and human rights, human trafficking in global supply chains and indigenous people’s rights in relation to mining and other industrial development in Latin and Central America. Students will test, develop and enhance their skills training in the context of real-world human rights practice. This work will involve partnerships with attorneys, human rights organizations, community-based organizations in the U.S. and abroad, international NGOs and solidarity networks, and human rights experts from the U.S. and abroad.

Please submit an electronic version of your application to Professor Ramasastry (arama@uw.edu) by Friday May 10 at   5 p.m.

Interview Tips: How to Handle Phone and Skype Interviews

Skype-iconHere’s the lastest from the National Jurist Blog.

By Hillary Mantis

If you have been searching for a job out of state, chances are you have been offered a phone or Skype interview. But how do you impress the interviewers, when you are not even in the same room? Without eye contact and a firm handshake, how do you establish rapport? Here are some thoughts on how to handle a phone or Skype interview without stressing out.

Set up your interview space:
It is important to have a quiet, calm space from which to conduct the interview. Obviously, you should not attempt to conduct the interview walking down the street, or outside. A former student of mine actually had her first interview with a firm while walking through Central Park in New York. Guess what? Their conversation got cut off. Fortunately for her, it all worked out, and in the end she got the job. But it was unnecessary stress that she could have avoided by calling from a room with good reception. I would strongly recommend using a landline if possible, to avoid any cell phone problems that might crop up. Read on here.