Public Interest Paths: A Conversation with Aline Carton Listfjeld

Ms_JDMs. JD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession, recently published an article on legal aid featuring Center for Public Service Law Assistant Director Aline Carton Listfjeld.

In the article, Aline described her purpose: “Aiding those in need.”

She described that her decision to go to law school was not necessarily to “be a lawyer” but to better serve social justice. Aline had many interests before law school, and then shaped her legal career along that continuum. She put it this way:

aline“When I was in college, like many people, … my consciousness was raised by all kinds of social problems….[My interests] took on many shapes and forms throughout the years and I kind of burnt out doing grassroots organizing work. I was really tired and I felt like I needed some of my own professional development. I wanted to get intellectually challenged a bit more and I wanted to develop some more concrete skills and I thought that’s where I could get it, in law school. So I didn’t actually go into it thinking, you know, ‘I’m going to be a lawyer now!’ It was: I want to learn some other skill so I can work for social justice.”

Read more about Aline’s path, which might reveal interesting and exciting synergies with yours.