START HERE: Finding a Target for Your Job Search Strategy

UW Law students: Sign up now for a Job Search Workshop for 2L’s and 3L’s:

“START HERE: Finding a Target for Your Job Search Strategy”

 Tuesday, October 23, 3-5 pm, Rm 118; sign up on Symplicity, space limited

Join career coaches Amy Kosterlitz (CPSL) and Holly Morris (CPLD) in a small group workshop to plot or refine a job search strategy.  Your job search can be more effective if you take time to reflect on how various skills and experiences can be woven into a compelling “narrative” that points you in a legal career direction(s).

Participants will assess their key interests, strengths, experiences and job search targets, and craft these into a personal narrative that expresses their interest in and suitability for particular types of legal employment.  We will also discuss how to turn one’s narrative into a marketing “pitch” that can be used in networking, job applications, cover letters and interviews.

Because the range of job opportunities may not be obvious, we will also explore strategies for researching the job market and talking with people in your network about what you’re looking for.  The interactive workshop format allows for peer feedback, as well as fellowship with others who are confronting similar challenges.  The goal of the workshop is to make your job search more productive and more fun!