Apply for a Fellowship with Illinois Fellowship Foreclosure Program

Applications are due October 24, 2012.  

Equal Justice Works has been awarded a grant from Attorney General Lisa Madigan of Illinois to place four Foreclosure Fellows throughout Illinois to assist distressed and at-risk homeowners and tenants.

The Illinois Foreclosure Fellowships are three year fellowships that will begin no later than December 1, 2012.

What we are looking for in Fellows:

  • Licensed to practice law in Illinois (those who sat in the summer of 2012 are eligible to apply).
  • Demonstrated record of ensuring equal access to the justice system for all homeowners and renters. Relevant experience may include internships, pro bono work, law school clinical work, and leadership.
  • Natural ability to connect with diverse groups of people.
  • The ability to “think big” and to interpret complicated legal procedures into step-by-step instructions for a client.
  • Leaders in the field of consumer rights and foreclosure defense to reform current systems and make them faster, cheaper, more accessible and efficient.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Social entrepreneurship, including an ability to design and execute creative solutions to vexing social problems, and the ability to leave a community better off than when you started by producing quality community education, coalition-building, and other broad efforts that improve the likelihood of positive social change.


Each host organization may set the Fellow’s salary commensurate to what an attorney with similar experience and/or responsibility would receive at that organization. Equal Justice Works will provide up to $41,000 toward that salary level. If the salary exceeds $41,000, then the organization will provide the remaining amount. Host organizations will also provide health insurance benefits and other employment benefits.

Fellows will receive training and mentorship in being legal service leaders through the annual Equal Justice Works Leadership Development Training and the National Consumer Law Center Conference. At the Leadership Development Training, Illinois Foreclosure Fellows will train alongside more than 130 Equal Justice Works  Fellows working on a variety of social change projects, including foreclosure prevention and consumer protection across the United States.

To apply, click here. For more information please contact Kathryn Gravely, Program Manager, at, 202.466.3686 ext. 125.