Freedom and Fashion Event

Freedom and Fashion (FnF) is dedicated to educating society about the global social issues of modern-day slavery, sex trafficking, child labor, and human rights violations. FnF addresses these injustices through the purchasing power of conscious consumerism, by increasing the demand for socially-responsible and ethically-produced goods and ensuring they are readily available to consumers.

On January 25–26, 2013, Freedom and Fashion will host the first social enterprise conference of its kind in Los Angeles, CA, that will unite leading industry professionals, including the legal community, to equip and transform mainstream culture into one of conscious consumerism. With an expected attendance of 500–1000 business professionals and industry leaders, the Freedom and Fashion Collective will be the first ever social enterprise conference that will accelerate the fight against modern-day labor and sexual slavery through conscious consumerism by:

UNITING industry, business professionals, the media, and the mass public;

EQUIPPING activists to push conscious consumerism deeper into mainstream culture; and

TRANSFORMING society to choose lifestyles that heal and liberate.

Among many objectives, the event aims to unite industry professionals, the media, and the mass public to collaborate and devise social and economic solutions to the exploitation of human beings. To learn more about this particular event, see this flier.

Key topics to include:

  • The Future of Ethical Fashion
  • The Economics Behind Human Problems, Policies and Shelters
  • Fundraising: How to Raise $1Million Dollars in One Year
  • A Successful Business Model: Freedom and Fashion’s Clients, Sovereign Strong and Gallant Suits, and Their Successful Business using Former Victims As Their Labor Force

Attend the conference or other FnF events, or check out the Freedom and Fashion Facebook page to stay connected to this exciting effort.