Fall Quarter Externship at King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office seeks assistance with data analysis and legal research related to Human Trafficking and associated crimes during Fall Quarter.  Extension into Winter and Spring quarter will be considered.  We would like up to 2 students for at least 10-15 hours each per week (more hours are possible).

A portion of this work involves a county-wide study of cases involving Human Trafficking and related crimes (Promoting Prostitution, Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Patronizing a Prostitute, and Prostitution) to examine the commission, investigation, and prosecution of these crimes.

The student will gather information from municipal and county law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices and analyze the information to identify trends and best practices.  A focus will be placed on how victims of trafficking are addressed in the criminal justice system, including under what circumstances the victims were charged with prostitution.

The second part of this project will involve work on a single, complex sex trafficking case, including compiling and organizing discovery, preparing materials for trial, legal research, and witness interviews.

This project is available as an externship or volunteer opportunity.  If you are interested in this externship for Fall Quarter, please email Esther Park at ejp@uw.edu immediately as Registration Forms for Autumn Quarter externships are due on September 21, 2012.