FDA 2013 Summer Internship: Two-Day Window to Apply!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of the Chief Counsel will hire 2–4 2Ls for its paid (GS-7, $812/week) 2013 Summer Law Student Internship Program.  Interns conduct legal research, and work closely with attorneys on a variety of issues. All interns receive mentors.

Deadline to apply is Friday, September 14.

In regulating about 25 percent of the United States consumer economy, the FDA is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of two trillion dollars worth of products a year – including items as diverse as artificial hearts, surgical lasers, gene therapy, dialysis machines, cloned animals, genetically engineered foods, counterterrorism products, and drugs produced using nanotechnology techniques.  Lawyers advise the FDA on legal matters and represent the agency in court proceedings and in administrative hearings. They participate in both civil and criminal cases; draft pleadings, motions and briefs; and participate in discovery and trials.  Lawyers also serve as counselors to the major programs of the agency: drugs, foods, biologics, devices, veterinary products, tobacco and enforcement.  They provide legal opinions, and participate in rulemaking proceedings, legislative matters, policy deliberations, and international negotiations. In addition, lawyers are involved in explaining agency programs to Congress, the regulated industry, and the public.


Candidates should have a record of strong academic achievement.  Experience or interest in public health issues, regulatory matters, or litigation is helpful.


By Fri., Sept. 14, 2012, submit resume, online Assessment Questionnaire (titled FDA Internship – Legal Program Support), and transcripts.

See the FDA webpage for more information.