10 Ways Law Students Can Be More Persuasive in Job Interviews

The top ten ways to be more persuasive in a job interview, according to Lisa Abrams, Director of Career Services at the University of Chicago, all share a common takeaway point: Prepare in advance. How? Here are ten strategies. The sky’s the limit.

1) Thoroughly and thoughtfully research the organization…. Search news articles, Google, and talk to people with knowledge and insight into the organization.

2) You MUST be able to answer the question “Why did you go to law school?” This is always a hard question. Come up with one sentence in advance of the interview that allows you to state your answer succinctly (“I went to law school because…”) and connect your reason with your interest in the organization.

3) Identify three of your strongest skills and give up to three examples of each from your educational experience or work history.

4) State what you think is special about the organization. “Law is a service profession, and legal employers want to hire people who are truly engaged in what they do. What about the employer do you value? Its mission? The type of work done at their office?”

5)  You will always be asked, “What questions do you have for me?,” sometimes at the beginning of an interview. Don’t be caught unprepared. Show your curiosity, intelligence, and creativity by avoiding questions whose answers are easily attainable by reading the organization’s website. See tip #1.

6) Come up with a list of the toughest questions you might be asked and strategize about how you will answer them.

7) Practice speaking your answers outloud! “Hearing in your own voice your carefully planned answers will make you feel more sincere and comfortable.”

For more tips, read the full article, “Ten Ways Law Students Can Be More Persuasive in Job Interviews,” by Lisa Abrams, published in the August edition of the NALP Bulletin here.